About Us

Having more than 40 years in the food industry allows us to better comprehend the obstacles you face while training your employees and interacting with your local health departments. Our team of experts will bring the practical approach to food safety training. We desire to not just tell you the laws of food safety, but help you understand the why. 

We are registered ServSafe Instructors and Proctors and our classes conform to your local health Department requirements.

Our job is twofold:

  1. Help protect you from the dangers of a food born illness
  2. Help develop a better relationship with your local Health Department.  

Our one day classes are designed to protect your bottom line from unnecessary unproductive labor hours that eat up your payroll. Thereby limiting your dangers of liability due to employee accidents while traveling to and from class.

You may elect to attend a public class or you may contact us for a private class that is designed to fit your individual needs.